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Shocking details about Farook’s position with county have dozens of schools, restaurants on edge

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kelly-stormFox News host Megyn Kelly reported that “chilling new details” are coming to light about the movements of terrorist Syed Farook in the months preceding the San Bernardino massacre.

Farook’s position as a county health inspector took him to dozens of schools and restaurants in the area. What concerned authorities, however, is that photos of a local high school were uncovered on Farook’s cell phone, suggesting that it may also have been a target.

Fox News correspondent Adam Housley reported on “The Kelly File” that Farook and his wife, Tashfeen Malik, were likely radicalized “well before they ever knew each other” and that “the dating website they supposedly met on was very likely a cover.”

Housley added that it now appears that Farook’s family may not be telling the full truth.

Former CIA double agent Morten Storm, who infiltrated al-Qaida, told Kelly that the vulnerability to the public from Farook’s job as a health inspector and his wife studying pharmacology didn’t surprise him at all.

“Many of those who have joined ISIS from the West are very well-educated,” Storm said, including physicians and IT professionals.

It was Storm’s belief that Farook and Tashfeen were “inspired by a terrorist group, maybe Al Qaeda in Yemen or maybe ISIS.”

He added that it’s his belief that as the investigation continues, more people well be uncovered.

“I think we will [in] time discover that there’s probably more people involved in this.”

Watch the clip, via Fox News.


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