Pedestrian bridge linking US and Mexico just opened for business

Who needs a wall between Mexico and the U.S. when you can build a bridge?

A large purple pedestrian bridge opened for business Wednesday linking Tijuana International Airport with the city of San Diego.

The Cross Border Express was a 120-million private venture designed to help travelers navigate crossing the border into Mexico.

Traveling from Tijuana International Airport can save fliers a considerable amount of money, Mary Forgione of the LA Times reported.

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The bridge will be restricted to ticketed Tijuana airport passengers flying out within 24 hours. Incoming passengers have two hours to use the bridge after landing, the Times reported.

All U.S. custom protocols will be in place at a checkpoint upon entering the U.S. The TSA said it is not involved in how Mexico will process visitors.

While the bridge might save fliers money and hassle long-term, the price of the convenience will come at a short-term cost of $18 for a bridge pass, excluding parking.

It remains to be seen if there will be any future prices or hassles to pay for the pedestrian bridge.


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