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Pamela Geller responds to Loretta Lynch threat: ‘Come and get me biatch’

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During a recent interview long-time political activist, Pamela Geller had five choice words for Attorney General Loretta Lynch… “come and get me biatch.”

Geller leads the American Freedom Defense Initiative that roots out radical Islam, and has been sounding the alarm about the crazed ideology reaching American shores for years. She didn’t take kindly to Lynch’s recent threat against Americans, and free speech, when the attorney general threatened to “prosecute” those who engage in “violent talk” against Muslims.

Gellar is no stranger to violence and was the organizer of the “Draw Muhammad” contest in Garland, Texas where a terrorist was shot dead by a gun-toting bystander before he could wage mass carnage on event attendees.

Not exactly the kind of woman to cower in fear, Geller praised Donald Trump’s “visceral” approach to dealing with radical Islam, on “Right Wing Watch” radio.

It was when Gellar was confronted with the possibility that she could be held accountable, according to Lynch, if a lunatic committed a crime against a Muslim person citing Geller’s musings, that she let Lynch know exactly where she stands.

Listen to Geller’s entire response below:

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