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Muslim soliciting sympathy hugs after Paris massacre just ARRESTED for bomb threats

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A Muslim man who was looking for a little sympathy and understanding after the Paris massacre has been arrested for threatening to bomb a member of parliament’s house.

Craig Wallace is a white Muslim convert who garnered a lot of media attention when he showed up outside of Parliament with a sign that read: “I am Muslim, I am labelled a terrorist, I trust you, do you trust me enough for a hug?”

Muslim hugger

According to the UK Express:

Craig Wallace, also known as Muhammad Mujahid Islam, used a sign as Stop the War protestors came to Westminster for the vote on British airstrikes in war-ravaged Syria.

But Wallace, 23, could be now facing up to six months in jail after he trolled MP Charlotte Leslie on Facebook saying he would “drop a bomb on her house”.

He wrote on a existing thread on The UK Truth Movement Facebook page: “I’m going to smash her windows and drop a bomb on her house when she is tucked up in bed, you dirty f*****g pig shagging s***.

“By the way love you’re f*****g hideous.”

In a second message he went on: “I’m going into find her and show her what it’s like to murder innocents, you dirty pig f*****g whore.”


Wallace had converted to Islam while serving time for robbery, the UK Express reported. Although “the hugger” has expressed regret for his comments, he reportedly holds an extensive rap sheet of violence and possession of knives.


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