Michelle Obama gets her ‘gangsta’ on in RAP video; only thing missing is her grabbing her crotch!

Jackie Kennedy she is not.

Secure in the knowledge that they can do no wrong in the eyes of an adoring media, optics are all but an afterthought for President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama.

But did Mrs. Obama really think through a new rap video encouraging kids to go to college?

The first lady teamed up with Saturday Night Live’s Jay Pharoah to produce a rap video urging high school students to commit to improving their lives through higher education, Mashable reported.

Granted, it’s for a good cause, but seeing the first lady get her “thug” on doesn’t do much for upholding presidential decorum.

But there Michelle Obama is, showing off her rap skills while taking on the demeanor of a gangsta — the only think missing is a shot of the first lady grabbing her crotch.

The video is a collaboration with College Humor and The Gregory Brothers, according to Mashable.

The Obama fan club is sure to be thrilled with the effort, but the reaction on social media shows that for some, class is still important. Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:


Tom Tillison


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