‘Broadway Joe’ Namath answers big question: Team Hillary or Team Trump?

Broadway Joe,” famous for guaranteeing beforehand that his team, the New York Jets, would win Super Bowl III, was non-committal on which way he’s leaning in the 2016 presidential election when given the option between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

The NFL great appeared Thursday on the Fox Business Network and host Stuart Varney presented him with the choice, and while Joe Namath believes he may have cognitive issues as a result of his playing days, he was smart enough to call an audible.

“I think, knowing the quarterbacking business, until you have to make a decision … utilize the time to get everything straightened out and try to get the best possible call,” Namath replied with his trademark smile.

Never very political, Namath did find himself on Republican President Richard Nixon’s rather lengthy enemies list — which may not bode well for GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump.

Namath was on the network to talk about using a hyperbaric chamber to treat concussion affects, which he says reversed damages he’s suffered due to hard hits during his football career.

“Knowing that I had had concussions, I reached out to help because I wanted to find out if in fact I had traumatic brain injuries that we could do something about,” the Hall of Fame quarterback told Varney. “I did take a nuclear scan, we found out that the left temporal area of my brain and the back part was getting virtually no blood flow.”

Here’s the full interview:

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