Obama, you’re ‘out of your mind’ . . . Kurt Russell just confirmed

Legendary film star Kurt Russell pushed hard against liberal Hollywood’s obsession with gun control, telling an interviewer who tried to connect the San Bernardino shooting with America’s […]

Pedestrian bridge linking US and Mexico just opened for business

Who needs a wall between Mexico and the U.S. when you can build a bridge?

Obama can’t even get actors to say it like they mean it in seriously stupid gun-grabber ad

For a PSA a’ la Hollywood, thisseriously stupid ad coming from the gun-control crowd seems a little low-budget. Everytown for Gun Safety, a group funded byformer New […]

Guess who’s admitting terrorists tried to enter US as Syrian refugees?

The disturbing admission comes amid robust assurances . . .

Struggling African nations to sue ‘wealthy’ countries over global warming

This surely can’t be good news for American taxpayers if “leadership” isn’t changed – and fast. Plagued with drought and famine, African nations are demanding “wealthy” countries […]

‘Broadway Joe’ Namath answers big question: Team Hillary or Team Trump?

“Broadway Joe,” famous for guaranteeing beforehand that his team, the New York Jets, would win Super Bowl III

Muslim soliciting sympathy hugs after Paris massacre just ARRESTED for bomb threats

A Muslim man who was loing for a little sympathy and understanding after the Paris massacre has been arrested for threatening to bomb a member of parliament’s […]

Extremist hacks up British soldier, sues prison for his teeth

Prisoners sue government officials in England too. The al-Qaida-inspired Muslim extremist who brutally hacked British soldier Lee Rigby to death in southwest London two years ago is […]

Michelle Obama gets her ‘gangsta’ on in RAP video; only thing missing is her grabbing her crotch!

Jackie Kennedy she is not. Secure in the knowledge that they can do no wrong in the eyes of an adoring media, optics are all but an […]

FBI alerted! ‘Middle Eastern men’ clear 2 Walmart shelves of pre-paid cell phones

Missouri residents were doing their due diligence to protect American citizens when they reported two separate, highly suspicious purchases at local Walmart stores made by “Middle Eastern […]

Gun shop comes up with a brilliant strategy using Obama to drive gun sales

A South Carolina gun shop has come up with a sure-fire way to drive sales. The brilliantmarketing strategy is a simple message on the sign in front […]

Trump cancels end-of-year meeting with Netanyahu; sour grapes or strategic move?

Donald Trump raised eyebrows today for postponing a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu that was set for later this month. Just a few days ago […]