You bet James Woods had something to say about Hillary’s ignorant new bumper sticker

Hillary Clinton is jumping on the Trump bandwagon.

Well, sort of.

Looking to take advantage of the immense media glare that Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump commands on an almost daily basis, Team Hillary introduced a new bumper sticker encouraging her supporters to “Stick it to Trump.”

Confirming that she is indeed a bleeding heart liberal, Clinton reminds all that .

Except that she views nearly half the country as her enemy, as Hollywood actor James Woods astutely pointed out in response to the candidate’s tweet. A reference to Clinton naming Republicans among the political enemies she is most proud of making during the CNN Democratic presidential debate back in October.

The outspoken conservative posted on social media:

Based on the reaction of social media users, there’s little love lost from the demographic Hillary loves to hate. Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter;

Tom Tillison


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