You bet James Woods had something to say about Hillary’s ignorant new bumper sticker

Hillary Clinton is jumping on the Trump bandwagon.

Well, sort of.

Looking to take advantage of the immense media glare that Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump commands on an almost daily basis, Team Hillary introduced a new bumper sticker encouraging her supporters to “Stick it to Trump.”

Confirming that she is indeed a bleeding heart liberal, Clinton reminds all that .

Except that she views nearly half the country as her enemy, as Hollywood actor James Woods astutely pointed out in response to the candidate’s tweet. A reference to Clinton naming Republicans among the political enemies she is most proud of making during the CNN Democratic presidential debate back in October.

The outspoken conservative posted on social media:

Based on the reaction of social media users, there’s little love lost from the demographic Hillary loves to hate. Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter;


11 thoughts on “You bet James Woods had something to say about Hillary’s ignorant new bumper sticker

  1. tsigili says:

    Hillary intends to STICK IT, to all Americans……… every way possible. Hillary is as corrupt and criminal as they GET!

  2. GuateNY says:

    She should make a bumper sticker for her husband that says Clinton Loves Rape. Much more truth to it.

    1. wsurfs . says:

      …..Or “Bill Sticks It Into Whomever Bill Can”….!!

  3. What_no_change??? says:

    STICK IT to the People, Stick It To the TRUTH, Stick it to the CONSTITUTION, Israel, Christians, Women, Unborn children, etc. More closely speaks to the hildebeast .

  4. Jim Hasak says:

    That pie chart about words associated with Hillary absolutely cracked me up and absolutely made my day!

  5. heilbama says:

    You want us to stick it to #TRUMP the way you stuck it to our Libyan ambassador? Smart move, Hill. #TRUMP2016

  6. bikerdogred1 says:

    Stick it means when Hillary appoints Huma Vice president, she will stick it too us.

  7. coolinthem says:

    A shill for what ever gets her the best chance to be elected.

  8. wsurfs . says:

    Hillary and her “team” are living in yesteryear..!! Doesn’t that bumper sticker look like something from a high school class president or student council election..!!

  9. monacall says:

    hilllbery is a felon and why people are still calling her a candidate for the presidency is beyond me. She is a traitor to this country. She has sold us out many many times…. yet people keep promoting her as a candidate…. how stupid are they?

    1. AFlaVet says:

      Dems love traitors…dems love voting against our safety and our rights. Dems are the real anarchists and fascists.

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