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Watch what happens when fool says terrorists just want to be more like gun-loving Americans

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Conservative commentator and retired U.S. Army colonel Kurt Schlichter‘s expression alone proved he could not believe what he was hearing when a CNN contributor likened Islamic terrorists to Americans motivated by a love of guns.

Saying Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump “is a symptom of a wider political culture of Islamophobia,” London-born author Arun Kundnani stunned fellow panelists on the network on Tuesday during a fiery debate.

And it was a fiery debate.

“The main trend we’re seeing in Muslim terrorism is that Muslims are no longer focusing on planes when they commit acts of terrorism, they’re carrying out mass shootings,” he said. “So, in other words, Muslim terrorists are becoming more like Americans. They’re integrating into American gun culture.”

Kundnani then all but called fellow panelist Scottie Hughes a terrorist before saying America can solve Islamic terrorism by dealing with its “gun problem.”

“They’re becoming more like you, Scottie, you’re a gun lover,” he said.

Schlichter, who deployed to Operation Desert Storm and, after 9/11, to Operation Enduring Freedom in Kosovo, lit into Kundnani.

“I don’t need to be lectured when I spent two deployments protecting Muslims, giving years of my life and risking it to protect Muslims,” he said. “So don’t start telling me that I’m Islamophobic.”

“There is a cancer in the Muslim community, and the first responders have to be other Muslims,” the vet concluded.

Tom Tillison


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