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Trump to Barbara Walters: Many of my Muslim friends agree with me 100%

Image: ABC News

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GOP frontrunner Donald Trump stood firm in his proposal to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. in an interview with the iconic Barbara Walters.

With a stunning Manhattan skyline behind him, Trump sat down in his penthouse Tuesday with with ABC News’ Walters, who asked if he regretted his stance on Muslim immigration.

“Somebody in this country has to say what’s right,” Trump answered.  He pointed out that many of his Muslim friends “agree with me 100 percent.”

Walters asked Trump to respond to charges—some within the Republican Party—that the Islamic State will benefit from his rhetoric.  “Your words are putting us in greater danger.”

Leaning forward in his upholstered chair, the billionaire said quietly, ”I’m the worst thing that ever happened to ISIS.”

“The people in my party fully understand that — they’re running against me,” he continued. “For the most part, they have no poll numbers. I’m leading by a lot. They get it. They’re trying to get publicity for themselves.”

Then Trump let the hammer drop.

“You know when I came out against illegal immigration, everybody said the same thing. Two weeks later, everybody was on my side, including the members of my own party,” he said.

Watch the interview below.

Trump’s tweets backed up his answers to Walters.



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