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Trump spox clashes with SE Cupp: ‘So what? They’re Muslim!’

Image: CNN video

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Spokeswoman for Donald Trump’s campaign, Katrina Pierson, said the Republican candidate’s proposal to ban Muslims from entering the U.S was “really nothing new,” as she went head to head with commentator S.E. Cupp on CNN, Tuesday.

As Trump continued to receive backlash on his statement Monday, Cupp said his proposal was “morally repulsive,” “unconstitutional, and un-American.”

Cupp went so far as to question what Trump’s supporters even “get turned on by” in the candidate, saying, “I don’t see a shred of what Donald Trump is suggesting that is conservative by nature at all.”

Pierson dismissed Cupp’s suggestions that the the Constitution would need to be changed, saying there “is no constitutional requirement to let anyone emigrate into the Unites States and there’s already  U.S. laws on the books giving Congress the authority to ban immigration from nations that are hostile towards America, so this is really nothing new.”

Cupp, who suggested Trump would make a “disappointing president” if he were elected, countered that the Republican front-runner’s proposal really is something new.

“There really is something new to the idea of banning an entire religious group from entering the country,” she said.

The two spoke over each other, with Pierson pointing out that insurgents have never been allowed across American borders. Cupp argued that the issue was not insurgents, but  “not allowing regular Muslims.”

“Yes, from Arab nations,” Pierson said. “You know what? So what? They’re Muslim!”

“So what?! That’s not the nation we live in, Katrina,” Cupp said, adding that “peddling this unconservative, un-American and unconstitutional garbage has got to stop.”

In response to Cupp’s suggestion that Trump was playing into enemy hands and giving ISIS exactly what they want, Pierson said, “Mr. Trump doesn’t really care what ISIS thinks or ISIS wants. All he cares about is the American public.”

Watch the video, below.


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