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Libs are really OK with what Whoopi just said about Donald Trump?

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Whoopi Goldberg has jumped the shark with her anti-Trump rhetoric.

On Wednesday’s episode of ABC’s “The View” the host argued that Donald Trump’s words, particularly his call Monday to temporarily ban Muslims from immigrating to the United States, are a recruiting tool for the Islamic State and thus Trump should be treated like a terrorist suspect.

“Donald Trump seems to be recruiting a large group with the views that are against basic American values,” the comedienne said. “He seems to be doing a very good job for ISIS, and I think he should be on the watch list.”

Predictably her co-hosts didn’t even flinch at the suggestion that the Republican presidential frontrunner ought to be on a terrorist watch list for exercising his free speech that threatened no violence against anyone.

“His rhetoric is not just free speech to me a lot of it is hate speech, Joy Behar opined.

Even if they consider what Trump says to be hate speech they seem to not understand the Constitution.

This is America not the U.K. and even hate speech if protected by the First Amendment.

Watch the segment below.

Carmine Sabia


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