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Investigators say Farook plotted 2012 attack, got ‘spooked’; wife may be ‘operative’

radicalized Farook
Image: CNN

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More chilling facts have surfaced about San Bernardino terrorist Syed Farook, as investigators revealed he may have plotted an attack as early as 2012 with a different individual.

CNN reported Tuesday that Farook conspired with a person other than his wife Tashfeen Malik, and even chose a specific target.  Investigators could not say how far along the plot developed.

The two abandoned their plan after a round of terror-related arrests. “They got spooked,” one unnamed official told CNN.

As the investigation unfolds, new details indicate that the couple planned a follow-up attack after the initial massacre in a San Bernardino county office building, where they killed 14 people. But before they could execute that plan, they were killed in a gun battle with police who closed in on their SUV.

This information appears to support the view that Farook was radicalized well before his marriage to Malik in 2014.  Fox News reported Tuesday that investigators are considering whether Malik was in fact a terror “operative” who was recruited before her arrival in the U.S. in July 2014.

One of only 519 Pakistanis given K-1 (fiancee) visas last year, Malik’s possible ties to terrorist organizations has raised “warning flags” on government immigration vetting practices, according to Fox News.

Watch CNN’s report below.

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