Orangutan’s adorable reaction to a magic trick is priceless; sweeping the Internet

If this doesn’t make you smile, check your pulse. The infamous website World Star Hip Hop,mostly famous for posting videos of urban fights, posted something much […]

Kurt Schlichter
Watch what happens when fool says terrorists just want to be more like gun-loving Americans

Conservative commentator and retired U.S. Army colonel KurtSchlichter‘s expression alone proved he could not believe what he was hearing when a CNN contributor likened Islamic terrorists to […]

Video: Ever wonder what cops do on a slow night?

Did you ever wonder what police do in their slow time? A new video released by the Slil Tennessee Police Department shows Officer Clint McCall driving shopping […]

You bet James Woods had something to say about Hillary’s ignorant new bumper sticker

Hillary Clinton is jumping on the Trump bandwagon. Well, sort of. Loing to take advantage of the immense media glare that Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump commands […]

Libs are really OK with what Whoopi just said about Donald Trump?

Whoopi Goldberg has jumped the shark with her anti-Trump rhetoric. On Wednesday’s episode of ABC’s “The View” the host argued that Donald Trump’s words, particularly his call […]

‘Islamification’ is real say frightened UK cops; ‘Trump’s not wrong’

Proven right again. It’s become a signature forDonald Trump. The Republican presidential front-runner said this week that there were areas of London where police didn’t travel. They […]

Trump spox clashes with SE Cupp: ‘So what? They’re Muslim!’

Speswoman for Donald Trump’s campaign, Katrina Pierson, said the Republican candidate’s proposal to ban Muslims from entering the U.S was “really nothing new,” as she went head […]

Trump, Trump, Trump: Megyn Kelly wants to know what happened to terror?

Megyn Kelly is fired up about Donald Trump. The Fox News host could not hide her frustration Tuesday as she called out the Republican candidate and the […]

FBI director gives update on Hillary email probe; says Obama’s opinion irrelevant

Director of the FBI, James Comey appeared before the House Judiciary Committee Wednesday and gave an update on the Hillary Clinton e investigation. Comey told the committee […]

Christianity in the Middle East: On the verge of extinction

One million three hundred thousand Iraqi Christians have been displaced . . .

Like Trump? THIS Fox News host says YOU represent ‘the worst, darkest part’ of America

“Somebody needs to come up and remind them what this nation is . . .”

Trump-haters forgot that President Jimmy Carter BANNED Iranians from US, and WORSE . . .

Afull-blown media circus has ensued since Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump proposed a ban on Muslims entering the country, but would it be the first time Muslims […]