San Bernardino victim’s wife believes husband, others, TARGETED for religious beliefs

Image: Fox News video

The wife of one of the victims from last week’s California terrorist attack spoke out about her belief that her husband was targeted in the shooting.

Nicolas Thalasinos, a devout Messianic Jew, was one of the 14 people who were killed in the massacre in San Bernardino by Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik. His wife, Jennifer, speaking with Fox News‘ Sean Hannity Monday, said her husband was very outspoken about his beliefs and probably discussed religion with Farook.

“I know they had discussions about Israel, in particular, and about whether Islam was a religion of peace or not,” Thalasinos said. “I know that they completely disagreed on Israel.”

Thalasinos believed her husband , and some of the other victims, were targets of the shooting due to their religious backgrounds and beliefs.

Because of my husband being [a] Messianic Jew and because of the discussions, I think the shooter was intending on getting my husband,” Thalasinos said. “I also think some of the other people that were killed were also intended targets because of their religious views and because of discussions that they had had with the shooter as well.”

Thalasinos also discussed recent media attacks alleging her husband was a bigot due to his outspoken views. “Yes, he did have his opinions, he was very conservative,” she said. “But he never sought out arguments with people, he was always kind to everybody.”

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