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Pro-gun lawmaker confronts Christmas photo scorn: My 5-year-old grandson ‘has total trigger control’

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In response to “vile and insulting” criticism, a Nevada lawmaker was compelled to explain a Christmas photo of her whole family packing serious heat, save for the little ones.

The five-year-old seen holding a firearm would be exempt from that label.

In a show of support for the Second Amendment, the controversial photo was taken for a calendar.

Las Vegas Assemblywoman Michele Fiore posted the image on her Facebook page last week with the caption: “It’s up to Americans to protect America. We’re just your ordinary American family. With love & liberty, Michele.”

fiore family

The Republican lawmaker was a guest Monday on “Fox & Friends,” and host Steve Doocy noted that one Facebook user said the image was “offensive and obscene, and not very festive.”

Fiore said the response has been mixed, with “a lot” of positive comments and a fair share of negative ones.

“The negative comments, I must tell you Steve,” she said, “the most vile and insulting comments I’ve ever read against myself and my family.”

“Christmas is a family affair, I think getting firearms as a present, and giving firearms as presents, is a great present,” Fiore added. “And because Christmas is a family affair, our ultimate responsibility is to protect and make sure our family is safe.”

As for the five-year-old in the photo — her grandson Jake — Fiore shared that the gun was unloaded and that the boy was familiar with “Eddie the Eagle,” an NRA gun safety program for children.

“If you look at the picture real close you’ll see that his finger is not on the trigger,” the proud grandmother said. “That five-year-old grandson of mine has total trigger control.”

Tom Tillison


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