Coming to a town near you? Campaign shames ‘racists’ with billboards of their Facebook comments

An anti-racism group has taken its mission to the streets, literally, by posting Facebook comments deemed racially offensive on billboards in the hometowns of the people who […]

Active shooter training at Florida mosque – ominous sign

Let’s start by . . .

Gun-toting Santa billboard creates controversy; gun shop manager says lighten up

So much for jolly ol’ Saint Nick … except for Americans who find happiness in a warm gun? A billboard in Charlotte, N.C., that depicts Santa Claus […]

ISIS reaction to Obama’s ‘self-congratulating’ speech: ‘I think they’ll laugh, quite frankly’

Saying he’d like “a little more realism and a little less rah-rah,” CNN contributor Michael Weiss was not impressed with President Obama’s rare Sunday night prime-time address to […]

Did ‘modern girl’ terrorist wear the pants?

Presumed terrorist Syed Farook hesitated before opening fire on a crowded room full of his coworkers, according to witnesses. Survivors told investigators that Tashfeen Malik, 29, shot […]

Tennis star Jennifer Capriati had plenty more to say before brutal backhand to Obama . . . ‘just resign’

Former tennis star Jennifer Capriati tore a strip off of President Obama Sunday night before, during and after his address from the Oval Office. It was her […]

Exclusive: Major Clinton donor faces ‘criminal profiteering’ charges

Hansjorg Wyss, a prominent Clinton foundation donor and bankroller of liberal activist groups, will face charges of running a “criminal profiteering enterprise”

What’s with Obama saying ‘ISIL,’ not ‘ISIS’? Trump asks, as he CRUSHES speech with live tweets

President Obama’s address to the nation Sunday night offered Republican frontrunner Donald Trump a rich target, but he hit a bullseye when he shared his frustration at […]

Dad knew San Bernardino terrorist son was a radical; says Farook was a ‘mama’s boy’

Syed Farook, 67, the father of Syed Rizwan Farook, one of the accused San Bernardino shooters, revealed that his son supported the Islamic State and looked forward […]

Embarrassing correction issued by White House: Obama can’t even have speech VETTED correctly?

Even reading from his trusty teleprompter, President Barack Obama made a huge error in his Sunday night address to the nation on terror. The White House had […]

Florida Five: 9 things to watch in Fla. primary, Supreme Court looms over Fla. death penalty

Five of today’s top Florida political stories at your fingertips: 9 things to watch with 100 days until Florida presidential primary – Voters, get ready for a […]

FBI taking ‘very, very close look’ at terrorist’s mom; how much did ‘mama’s boy’ Farook share?

The mother of one of the San Bernardino terror suspects is being looked at by the FBI for possibly having foreknowledge of the attack that killed 14 […]