ISIS reaction to Obama’s ‘self-congratulating’ speech: ‘I think they’ll laugh, quite frankly’

Saying he’d like “a little more realism and a little less rah-rah,” CNN contributor Michael Weiss was not impressed with President Obama’s rare Sunday night prime-time address to discuss terrorism and his administration’s efforts to defeat the Islamic State.

Weiss, co-author of the New York Times bestseller “ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror,” said Obama has “his head in the clouds if he thinks his strategy is going to succeed,” and said ISIS will be even less impressed with the president’s speech, which offered no change in strategy or new policies to combat the threat of terrorism.

“Well, I think they’ll laugh, quite frankly,” Weiss told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer in an appearance on the network following the president’s speech.

“I hear in Obama’s remarks self-congratulating and cheerleading … ‘we will defeat ISIL, we will destroy this death cult,’ as he calls it,” he added.

The Daily Beast senior editor noted that Obama’s claim that ISIS was contained proved to be false, calling it a “gaffe.”

“We’re actually not winning this war,” Weiss said, adding that Defense Intelligence Agency analysts are saying they are being forced to cook the intelligence to make it seem like we are making  more progress than we have.

Biting commentary from someone who’ll not be confused with a right-wing extremist.

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Tom Tillison


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