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Ex-Muslim woman confronts thug students’ aggressive heckling during blunt lecture on extreme Islam

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Muslim students “heckled and aggressively disrupted” Maryam Namazie, an ex-Muslim born in Tehran, Iran, during a recent lecture on the extremes of Islam at a public university in London, England.

Students from Goldsmiths University’s Islamic Society (ISOC) turned out in protest of Namazie’s lecture on blasphemy and apostasy, repeatedly interrupting her speech, The Independent reported.


“After my talk began, ISOC ‘brothers’ started coming into the room, repeatedly banging the door, falling on the floor, heckling me, playing on their phones, shouting out and creating a climate of intimidation in order to try and prevent me from speaking,” Namazie said afterwards, according to media reports.

A secularist, Namazie describes herself as “a political activist, campaigner and blogger,” according to her website — she is renown for her criticism of “political Islam.”

“Islamism, as a political movement, is a global killing machine,” she explained to students attending the recent lecture. “Islamists will hack beloved Bangladeshi bloggers to death in Bangladesh whilst placing Bangladeshi bloggers, who are based in the UK, on an international death list.”

Namazie’s blunt assessment touched a nerve with Muslim students sitting up front, who began to laugh.

“Is it really funny that people get hacked to death?” she asked.

Shortly thereafter, another student in the front row began to interrupt by talking to someone off camera.

“Be quiet or get out!” Namazie told the man repeatedly as an aide tried to restore order.

“You are intimidating me,” the Muslim student complained, crossing his hands and repeating “safe space” several times.

“Oh, you’re intimidated?” Namazir responded, showing no signs of being intimidated by the man. “Go to your safe space!”

The full lecture can be seen here, with the incident described above coming at the 11:30-minute mark.

Tom Tillison


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