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Epic rebuttal to Obama: It’s ‘like calling Michelle a princess if only you put a gown and tiara on her’

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pat-nicklausShortly after President Barack Obama delivered his address to the nation on terror Sunday night, Second Amendment supporter Pat Nicklaus offered this rebuttal.

And it’s a doozie.

Nicklaus, who is also associated with Gun Rights Across America, gave Obama credit for having finally admitted to four terrorist attacks the occurred during his administration — Fort Hood, Boston Marathon, Chattanooga and Wednesday’s attack in San Bernardino.

But significantly, the president ignored another attack, the beheading of a woman in Moore, Oklahoma last year by radicalized Muslim Alton Nolen, who tried to convert co-workers to Islam.

And why is that significant?

“He was getting set to behead another one but he was stopped by a good guy with a gun,” she said.

“You also forgot to mention that your own FBI admits to investigating terrorists in all 50 states.”

Nicklaus went on to criticize the president for condemning so-called “assault weapons,” but failed to mention that the things that distinguish assault weapons from ordinary rifles are cosmetic — “a collapsible stock, a pistol grip, a flash hider — things that have no bearing on the lethality of a weapon,” she notes.

“Calling a rifle an assault rifle based merely on cosmetic features is kind of like calling [first lady] Michelle a princess if only you put a gown and a tiara on her.”

Nicklaus said that the president wants to restrict gun ownership at one of the most dangerous times in our nation’s history.

“A while back you told us that tyranny wasn’t lurking around the corner,” she concluded. “That’s 100 percent correct. Tyranny is staring us right in the face.”

Watch the clip.


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