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Dashcam becomes motorists worst nightmare when ingrate lies over $26 ticket

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dash-camDashcam footage saved the day for a New Jersey police officer who was accused of pulling his service pistol out and aiming it at a motorist during a traffic stop.

Hyacinth Peccoo, 50, of Irvington, Mew Jersey, was stopped by Pequannock township police Officer Daniel Caffrey for failure to stop at a stop sign in October.

Apparently motivated by revenge, she appeared at police headquarters on October 28 and filed a complaint, alleging that the officer yelled at her and pulled his gun on her, according to NJ.com.

Now she had bigger problems than running a stop sign. She’s been charged with filing a false report to law enforcement officials.

NJ.com reported:

Peccoo provided a written statement of her account to police and her interview with Detective Lt. Michael Fairweather, the Internal Affairs officer, was recorded, DePuyt said.

After her interview, Fairweather told Peccoo the traffic stop had been recorded by the patrol car’s video system, DePuyt said. The video showed that her allegations had been fabricated and that Caffrey never yelled at her or removed his firearm from his holster, he said.


Here’s the kicker. As if in proof of the adage that “no good deed goes unpunished,” it turned out that Caffey had actually given Peccoo a break. Instead of issuing her a two-point $85 ticket for failure to obey a stop sign, the officer wrote out a $26 ticket for failure to change her address on her license.

Peccoo is scheduled to appear in court on December 14 on her false police report charge.

Here’s the dash cam footage.

H/T: TheBlaze


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