Coming to a town near you? Campaign shames ‘racists’ with billboards of their Facebook comments

Racist BillboardAn anti-racism group has taken its mission to the streets, literally, by posting Facebook comments deemed racially offensive on billboards in the hometowns of the people who posted them.

And it may be coming to a town near you.

The Brazilian group Criola launched the campaign “Virtual Racism, Real Consequences” after a Brazilian weather reporter, Maria Julia Coutinho, was attacked with racial slurs on the Facebook page of the news station she works for.

Criola describes itself as a group of black woman started in 1992 with the purpose of defending black women’s rights.

The group pixelates the Facebook user’s picture and blurs out their name before posting the billboard. It claims on its website that the intention isn’t to shame the people who posted the comments.

“We wanted to provoke a reflection. Does a comment on the internet cause less damage than a direct offense?” it wrote on its website. “For those who comment, it may be. But for those who suffer it, the prejudice is the same.”

Now the group wants others to start the same campaign in their countries and provided instructions on its website on how to do it.

Carmine Sabia


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