Potty-mouth day at Fox News! TWO contributors suspended in one day for saying THIS about Obama

Fox News executive vice president Bill Shine had to do some scolding on Monday when two contributors, on the same day, were so overcome with disgust toward […]

You won’t believe what Fox News analyst just called Obama on-air! Hint, we can’t put it in headline

“But you can’t use language like that on the program, I’m sorry.”

Ex-Muslim woman confronts thug students’ aggressive heckling during blunt lecture on extreme Islam

Muslim students “heckled and aggressively disrupted” Maryam Namazie, an ex-Muslim born in Tehran, Iran, during a recent lecture on the extremes of Islam at a public university in London, England. Students […]

Dashcam becomes motorists worst nightmare when ingrate lies over $26 ticket

Dashcam footage saved the day for a New Jersey police officer who was accused of pulling his service pistol out and aiming it at a motorist during […]

‘Day of Rage’ declared: Social media prepares to flood Internet with ‘Isis Trolling Day’ Friday

The militant online hacking group Anonymous has declared Friday, December 11, to be ISIS Trolling Day, in which the group asks everyone on social media to call […]

Fox News’ Stacey Dash disgusted: Obama ‘could give a sh*t’ about us

Fox News’ Stacey Dash had the censors on their toes as she analyzed President Obama‘s address to the nation Sunday. “It’s ridiculous,” Dash said Monday on Fox […]

Coming to America: ABC obtains exclusive photo of San Bernardino jihadi couple as bride enters US

A photo obtained exclusively by ABC News gives viewers an opportunity to look into the eyes of stone-cold Islamic terrorist Tashfeen Malik as she arrives in America. Husband Syed […]

Coca-Cola ad so ‘racist . . . insulting’ the company PULLED it with immediate apology

Acts of kindness are now offensive? Apparently people in Mexico think so, because Coca-Cola had to pull an ad illustrating exactly that — an act of kindness. […]

Actor James Woods makes big announcement after Obama’s Oval Office speech

Outspoken conservative actor James Woods tweeted Sunday . . .

Epic rebuttal to Obama: It’s ‘like calling Michelle a princess if only you put a gown and tiara on her’

Shortly after President Barack Obama delivered his address to the nation on terror Sunday night, Second Amendment supporter Pat Nicklaus offered this rebuttal. And it’s a doozie. […]

Pro-gun lawmaker confronts Christmas photo scorn: My 5-year-old grandson ‘has total trigger control’

In response to “vile and insulting” criticism, a Nevada lawmaker was compelled to explain a Christmas photo of her whole family packing serious heat, save for the […]

‘Yes, I said TARGET terrorists’: Fla. sheriff advises, ARM yourselves, FIGHT as ‘first line of defense’

A Florida sheriff fired off what could be interpreted as a dramatic rebuttal to the Obama administration’s lackadaisical, politically correct response to terror attacks within our borders […]

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