Michelle Malkin: America’s top terror enabler is CAIR

Conservative columnist and author Michelle Malkin suggested in her Friday commentary in the New York Post that the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, has become Islamic terror’s greatest enabler.

Malkin begins with this reminder:

The feds designated CAIR an unindicted terror co-conspirator in 2007 in the prosecution of the Holy Land Foundation and others for providing support to Hamas jihadists. Over the alleged objections of Dallas-area federal prosecutors, the Obama Justice Department’s senior political appointees declined to press terror-financing charges against CAIR co-founder Omar Ahmad.


But aside from past reports that the FBI has investigated CAIR and ties with Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, look at recent news reports.

Since the deadly attack by Muslim extremists Wednesday, the watchword of the day has been ‘‘If you SEE something, SAY something.”

“It’s one of the emptiest slogans in modern American life,” Malkin suggests.

Every time Muslims are slighted in the least, CAIR cries “Islamophobia!”

CAIR did that recently when Ahmed Mohamed, or “Clock Boy,” was briefly detained by police for bringing a deconstructed clock to school packed inside a handled case that looked to be a bomb.

Not only did the organization come to Mohamed’s aid, but it ultimately named him “Muslim of the Year.”

Now he’s demanding $15 million from the city of Irving, Texas and the Irving Independent School District, together with letters of apology from the city’s mayor and police chief.

After that experience, what’s going to happen the next time if a kid brings a real bomb to school and calls it a clock?

Malkin observed of CAIR:

This is the same manipulative group of controversy-manufacturing instigators who tried to sue “John Does” — innocent American citizens who alerted the authorities about their security concerns — in 2007 after a group of imams falsely claimed they were discriminated against on a Minneapolis flight.

And this is the same dangerous group of jihad enablers that filed an obstructionist lawsuit to block vigilant Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents from quizzing Muslim border-crossers about their ties to jihadist martyrs and radical mosques. The anti-racial profiling” lawsuit has dragged on for three years.


And we saw the effect of CAIR’s crying “foul” at each perceived slight first-hand after San Bernardino, when a man noticed what he thought was suspicious activity at the residence of the shooters going on for three weeks, but said nothing.

He didn’t want to be labeled as a racist.

Read Malkin’s op-ed CAIR is America’s top enabler of terror


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