Guy drives from Chicago to New York to respectfully return veteran’s lost dog tags

Josh Gelles Dog TagsA Chicago man went above and beyond to return something precious to a New York military veteran.

Brian Gagen found the veteran’s dog tags six months ago and used Facebook to look for, and ultimately find, Josh Gelles, the man who lost them, CBS2 New York reported.

“I was upset when I lost them and you just kind of deal with it and so it was really amazing when he reached out to me,” Gelles told CBS2.

Gelles suggested Gagen mail them back to him but the Good Samaritan wasn’t about to take any chances.

He mentioned something about putting it in an envelope and I just refused,” Gagen told CBS2. “I couldn’t bring myself to put them in an envelope. They were lost once and I didn’t want to chance it again.”

He decided the best way to be certain Gelles got the tags back was to hand deliver them so he hopped in a car and drove to New York from his home in Chicago.

Interestingly, CBS2 reported that the pair briefly met each other in 2008 through a mutual friend in Chicago.

Watch the interview with the pair below.

Carmine Sabia


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