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Terror bride used fake address on visa application; State Dept. had no idea, but reporter finds it in hours

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Is this the vetting process President Obama wants us to trust for Syrian refugees?

The terrorist bride who went on a killing spree in San Bernardino on Wednesday, got into the country with a “fiance visa” on which she used a fake address and still the State Department can see no problem with the vetting process.

Not only did Tashfeen Malik use a fake address, she listed her home town as a town that doesn’t even exist, ABC News reported.

Still, our government let her in.

When State Department spokesperson Elizabeth Trudeau was asked Friday is she was satisfied with the application process that led to Malik getting into the country she said that she was.

“We stand behind our screening process for visas,” Trudeau told reporters.

“We continue to revise, we continue to look at this. But these are process that happens around the world, every day, in our U.S. embassies. And while we won’t get ahead of this investigation, the process that visa applicants go through continues to be improved,” she added. “It was improved after 9/11, something that we look at every day. But at this stage, you know, we stand behind those processes.”

Social media didn’t feel much safer knowing that.


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Terror bride used fake address on visa application; State Dept. had no idea, but reporter finds it in hours.

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