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Melissa Harris-Perry just compared cops to ISIS terrorists; why aren’t we at war with them?

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Melissa Harris PerryIt’s tough to be surprised by the idiocy that comes out of the mouth of Melissa Harris-Perry anymore but she keeps trying to raise the bar.

Speaking on her own poorly-rated MSNBC show, Harris-Perry likened going to war with the Islamic State to going to war with the police.

The dimwit was doing her best to present a case for not going to war with ISIS by nonsensically comparing deaths at their hands to other types of deaths in America.

Harris-Perry rattled off a list: transvestites, those killed in Chicago gang violence, etc . . .

She inferred that if America wasn’t willing to go to war with any of them than it shouldn’t go to war with ISIS.

Harris-Perry then jumped the shark by using the same analogy for law enforcement and lumped every death at the hands of police into the same bin.

“Need I point out that the police in this country have shot and killed more than 1,000 people today,” she said. “And we don’t think we should go to war with any of those people.”

Watch the mind numbing clip below.

Carmine Sabia


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