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Megyn Kelly rips Obama for silence: We just had a TERROR attack on US soil, ‘where is he?’

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In response to the FBI’s determination on Friday that the killing spree in San Bernardino at the hands of a Muslim couple is now considered an act of terror, Fox News host Megyn Kelly unloaded on the silence coming from President Barack Obama.

“Where is he? Kelly asked. “And why isn’t he coming on camera tonight to address the nation?”

“We look to our president as commander in chief and, at a time like this, as Comforter in Chief,” she said. “And I don’t mean to say that this is the same as 9/11, but this is a terrorist attack, the FBI tells us it’s so.”

Guest Charles Krauthammer pointed out that Obama is busy meeting with former Arizona Rep. Gabby Giffords to discuss gun control, saying this was the president’s first reaction to Wednesday’s shooting.

He added that Obama’s obsession with gun control in the face of international terrorism is “nearly incomprehensible” when you weigh one against the other.

“The problem with ISIS is not a gun control problem,” Krauthammer told Kelly. “The French have the strongest gun control laws in the world, and they’ve been hit three times now in this calendar year by acts of mass murder.”

Kelly noted that Obama came under criticism after he “swung and missed” at addressing the nation following the Paris attack, and “he’s missing it again.”

“There’s been some suggestion that he might say something about it in his radio address this weekend, Charles. That’s not good enough!” she proclaimed.

Not to say she was trying to fill the void, but Kelly offered viewers her own message of inspiration when closing out Friday’s show.

Tom Tillison


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