CNN’s Erin Burnett asks if ‘postpartum psychosis’ could have caused terror attack – WHAT?

Desperate to distract from the San Bernardino shooters being Muslims and the incident a likely terrorist attack, CNN’s Erin Burnett offered a jaw-dropping alternative — postpartum depression.

That’s right, the severe depression that occurs in some women soon after giving birth.

“I just have to ask you, could there be something else?” Burnett asked a former FBI agent about Tashfeen Malik‘s participation in the deadly shooting. “Anything else that could have explained her involvement? Something like a postpartum psychosis?”

Stunning, no?

Malik, who just gave birth to a daughter six months ago, joined with husband Syed Rizwan Farook in the attack Wednesday that left 14 people dead.

And Burnett’s question came AFTER it was explained to her just how Malik was radicalized, according to Newsbusters.

It was later discovered that Malik also pledged allegiance to ISIS.

The reality that the Muslim couple may be radical jihadists destroyed the liberal media’s early, hopeful narrative that the attack may be the product of a Christian white male.

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In the wake of last week’s shooting at a Colorado Planned Parenthood facility that left three dead, some in the media were quick to note that the San Bernardino shooting took place less than two miles from a Planned Parenthood clinic.

As for Burnett’s inquiry, former FBI agent Jim Clemente calmly explained that “postpartum psychosis… is typically internal.”

Tom Tillison


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