Al Jazeera America producer: Showing terror bride’s pics without burqa is ‘disrespectful’

Photo: ABC News

An Al Jazeera America producer claimed that media photos of terrorist Tashfeen Malik without her face-covering burqa are “disrespectful to her culture.”


In a now-deleted tweet reported by Right Scoop, Hashem Said wrote “Come on ABC…the family attorney says #TashfeenMalik wore a burqa that covered her face, and you’re putting out pictures of her without it?”

On Friday, ABC News published a photo of Malik, wife of Syed Rizwan Farook and half of the terror team that slaughtered 14 innocent people at a holiday party in San Bernardino, Calif. Wednesday.

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After Said’s tweet drew immediate outrage, he apologized—sort of.

With such grief and fresh wounds on our national soul, Twitter users were not too quick to forgive Hashem’s sensitivity for Malk’s family and culture.

And even more bizarre, Hashem lamented that Farook had to suffer his co-workers making fun of his beard. He actually calls it “tragic.”

Maybe Said should consider living elsewhere, because making excuses for terrorism while calling it “inexcusable” doesn’t fly with most Americans.

Steve Berman


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