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‘They are at war with us!’ Judge Jeanine faces off with Geraldo in HEATED debate

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rivera-pirroJudge Jeanine Pirro and Geraldo Rivera locked horns Friday over the threat of radical Islam, the advisability of an armed society, and the dangers of political correctness.

During the appearance on “Fox & Friends,” Pirro mentioned that a neighbor had noticed suspicious activity at the home of the presumed perpetuators of Wednesday’s San Bernardino massacre, but didn’t report it out of fear of being labeled a racist.

She said that this mindset comes from the top — with the Obama administration refusing to use the term “Islamic extremist.”

“We’re afraid to say something because the White House is saying we shouldn’t,” she said.

She added that it will be impossible to properly vet the thousands of Syrian refugees the administration wants to let in.

“What are you going to do? Call 1-800-ASSAD?” she asked. “Right now we are at war. They are at war with us. They want to kill us.”

“But we’re also at war with other kinds of extremists,” Rivera countered, and brought up the October 1 Umpqua Community College shooting in Oregon.

“That guy was not a Muslim,” he said.

“Right now it doesn’t matter,” she said. “What’s happening is the Muslim jihadists want to kill us. If we ignore that, we are suckers.”

Rivera countered that the easy availability of firearms is a contributing factor to gun violence.

“Three hundred and fifty million guns in this country. Ten million more manufactured every year” he said. “And it’s easier to get a gun license than a car license.”

Watch the clip, via Fox News.


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