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‘Supermarket for drugs’ in Georgia turns out to be massive Mexican cartel operation

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By JP CarrollDC NEWS

Calm Cobb County, Georgia was the site of a 26-person drug bust when authorities targeted a drug dealing ring with connections to Mexican cartels. The arrests were the result of a wide-ranging two-year investigation that involved surveillance and drug buys.

The organization, which was dismantled by the authorities through various raids, essentially dominated all drug dealing in Cobb County.  The leader of what was a “supermarket” for illicit drugs was David Maldonado Baza, a.k.a. Chucky as his fellow drug dealers know him.  The drugs Chucky and his crew peddled included meth, heroin, and cocaine.  An undercover officer testified in court that he had successfully purchased drugs from Chucky and his fellow gangsters who knowingly sold him the drugs.  Chucky along with 8 other gang members showed up in court in which some of Chucky’s pals made bond.  However, Chucky remains incarcerated at this time.

These arrests come at a time in which heroin use in particular is skyrocketing.  According to a 60 Minutes report in November, “Federal and local authorities all over the country say it’s the biggest drug epidemic today”.  The focus of the 60 Minutes reported depicted the manner in which heroin use has affected quiet suburbs such as Columbus, Ohio or in this case, Cobb County, Georgia.

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