‘Sickening and ghoulish!’ Police SHOCKED as media ‘RAIDS’ San Bernardino killers’ home LIVE on air

In one of the most surreal and awkward moments in television news history reporters were allowed access to the apartment of the San Bernardino terrorists before permission was given by the authorities.

Reporters were on a veritable feeding frenzy as they rifled through the personal belongings of the terrorists.

While reporters from various agencies were on the scene, MSNBC was the first to carry the live feed.

MSNBC’s Kerry Sanders mentioned at the beginning of his report that “Inside Edition” had paid $1,000 to access the scene.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper said it was “one of the stranger things I’ve certainly seen in quite a while” and said he was “uncomfortable” with it.

“Not the choice I would have made as the owner or the landlord,” Cooper said.

CNN Law Enforcement analyst Harry Houck agreed.

“I don’t see any fingerprint dust on the walls where they went in there and checked for fingerprints for other people that might have been connected with these two,” Houck told Cooper. “You’ve got documents laying all over the place; you’ve got shredded documents…You have passports, you’ve got drivers’ licenses — now you have thousands of fingerprints all over inside this crime scene.”

“I am so shocked, I cannot believe it,” he added.

Watch the raid below.

Journalists and others on social media were in stunned disbelief at what they were watching transpire on live television.

Authorities didn’t appear to be too happy with it either.

Carmine Sabia


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