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Kennedy goes full throttle at Montel Williams for supporting gun registry; terrorism ‘not about guns!’

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kennedy-montelSparks flew on the Fox Business Network Thursday when guest Montel Williams suggested a universal national gun registry program to anchor Lisa Kennedy Montgomery.

“This is not about guns!” she said.

Things started out pleasantly enough as the two discussed Wednesday’s massacre at Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino.

Williams, a gun-owner himself, confirmed the importance of the Second Amendment before broaching the idea of a gun registry.

He likened it to acquiring a drivers license, while glossing over that a drivers license is issued by permission of the state, whereas gun possession is a

“Why don’t we use this as an opportunity to register gun owners?” Williams asked. “Because American citizens who could be radicalized…are sitting there as your neighbor. So why can’t I have a registry of who has them?”

Williams added that although he’s a gun-owner, he’d have no issue registering them with the government.

Kennedy brought up the pipe bombs found in the apartment of the San Bernardino shooters, and asked if the government should also set up a “bomb registry.” She also argued it is extremely difficult already to obtain a firearm in Southern California.

“This is not about guns, Montel.”

Watch the tense segment below via Fox Business:


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