‘Supermarket for drugs’ in Georgia turns out to be massive Mexican cartel operation

Calm Cobb County, Georgia was the site of a 26-person drug bust when authorities targeted a drug dealing ring with connections to Mexican cartels…

‘They are at war with us!’ Judge Jeanine faces off with Geraldo in HEATED debate

Judge Jeanine Pirro and Geraldo Rivera locked horns Friday overthe threat of radical Islam, the advisability of an armed society, and the dangers of political correctness. During […]

Kremlin-funded media releases video mocking Obama, Kerry, in year 2035; here’s what it predicts…

A video mocking both President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry was released Thursday by the Kremlin-funded media outlet, Russia Today, known as RT. Actors […]

‘Sickening and ghoulish!’ Police SHOCKED as media ‘RAIDS’ San Bernardino killers’ home LIVE on air

In one of the most surreal and awkward moments in television news history reporters were allowed access to the apartment of the San Bernardino terrorists before permission […]

Kennedy goes full throttle at Montel Williams for supporting gun registry; terrorism ‘not about guns!’

Sparks flew on the Fox Business Network Thursday when guest Montel Williams suggested a universal national gun registry program to anchor Lisa Kennedy Montgomery. “This is not […]

Unhinged BLM protesters ARRESTED, get in NYPD officer’s face; ‘Shut the f*** up! I hate you!’

A Black Lives Matter protester’s remarks to a New York City police officer got way too ugly at a Thursday night demonstration. The protesters demonstrated in front […]

BREAKING: San Bernardino shooter pledged allegiance to ISIS, US intelligence officials say

How is President Obama going to spin this as workplace violence now? A post by San Bernardino terrorist killer Tashfeen Malik pledging allegiance to the Islamic […]

Slain San Bernardino man’s WIDOW grilled by CNN; was attack provoked by Jewish husband?

Among the victims that the SanBernardinoterroristkilled on Wednesday was a Messianic Jew who argued religion with the killer. All CNN wanted to know when speaking to the […]

Amid sea of red carpet lunacy, THIS celebrity spoke common-sensed truth about gun violence

Several celebrities were interviewed in the wake of the San Bernardino terrorist attack and one individual’s common sense stuck out among the others. Never at a loss […]

Former FBI official gives PLAIN TRUTH on reducing terrorism; banning guns ‘not going to work’

A gun ban is no longer a viable option according to a former FBI official. Appearing on Fox News’ “Happening Now” former FBI Deputy Assistant Director Danny […]

Narrative annihilated; San Bernardino terrorist described himself as ‘very liberal’

Not only has the “conservative white Christian” narrative the left was so desperate to pounce on after the San Bernardino terror attack fallen apart, it has now […]

Alpha-male lion takes care of dinner for his babe – feminists, hide your eyes

A warning to feminists: This video is not for you. A frustrated female lion was having an off day catching dinner (it happens on rare occasions). She […]