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Questions about his health bring out the Trump in Trump

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Within hours after Politico published a story Thursday criticizing Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump for not having released his medical records, the real estate tycoon tweeted that he would do exactly that — and added in his usual show of modesty that “it will show perfection.”

Trump began with a statement that he was in great health, something which he said he said had been passed down from his parents.

He followed that up by indicating he would have his family physician release his records within the next two weeks.

He also gave ultimate credit for his health where it was due.

Three hours before Trump’s decision to have his medical care giver release his records, Politico wrote:

While the health of a presidential candidate is always important, and nominees release their medical records as a matter of course, Trump’s age, diet and self-professed lack of workout regimen makes the issue more pressing in his case.

If elected, the businessman would take office at the age of 70, making him the oldest person ever to ascend to the presidency. Ronald Reagan was 69 at the time of his first inauguration.

Over the course of his presidential campaign, Trump has said that he does not exercise or play sports regularly and that he eats whatever he wants – a diet heavy on bacon and steak.


After observing that other 2016 presidential candidates have released their records, Politico quoted Dr. Burton Lee III, George H.W. Bush’s White House physician.

“Of course it’s important,” Lee said of the release of a presidential candidate’s medical records. “If the guy doesn’t give them there’s an immediate assumption that there’s something wrong.”

Well, in Trump’s case, they’re coming.


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