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Obama says it’s possible shooting was ‘workplace related’ . . . Giuliani: ‘you’re a moron’

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President Obama said it’s too early to tell whether Wednesday’s shooting in San Bernardino, Calif., was “terrorist-related,” insisting that it’s “possible” that it was workplace related violence.

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani thinks it’s possible only a “moron” would come up with such a conclusion.

“If you can’t come to a conclusion at this point that this was an act of terror … you’re a moron,” he said early Thursday in an appearance on Fox News.

Keep in mind, the Muslim couple responsible for the attack that killed up to 14 people, Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, were wearing body armor and carrying assault rifles when they opened fire at a county health department office party at the Inland Regional Center.

And were wearing GoPro cameras when they were killed.

“It is possible this is terrorist related,” Obama said Thursday while speaking on the shooting. “We don’t know. It is also possible this was workplace related.”

The president said the FBI needs to explore “the nature of the work place relationship” between Farook and the county health department before a determination can be made — Farook worked at the agency.

This coming from an administration that saw fit to label the 2009 Fort Hood shooting by Nidal Malik Hasan workplace violence. The U.S. Army major killed 13 people and injured another 30 after shouting “Allahu Akbar.”

Obama was not as hesitant to call for gun control measures.

“Right now, it’s just too easy,” he said of individuals being able to obtain firearms. “We’re gonna have to, I think, search ourselves as a society to make sure we can take basic steps that would make it harder, not impossible, but harder, for individuals to get access to weapons.”

Tom Tillison


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