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Gun-grabbing Geraldo forgets his daughter was a sitting duck in Paris; IRATE Americans remind him

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If there was ever any doubt, it could now be declared official… Geraldo Rivera has lost his mind.

Some had hopes for Rivera when he professed that America should start getting tough in the fight against the Islamic State and terrorism. His short-lived rationale came after his daughter was caught in the Paris attacks in November. Thankfully, she was OK, but her father? That’s debatable.

When terror hit a San Bernardino workplace Wednesday, Rivera took to social media to declare the U.S. Second Amendment, stupid.

Who’s the one not being rational? It’s a scary concept when people automatically jump to the “conclusion” that the Second Amendment is the problem.

Americans have lived freely, and mostly peacefully, since the birth of the nation with the right to bear arms.

Utilizing the Second Amendment hasn’t changed, so what has?

Rather than tackle regressive policies that are changing society for the worse – porous borders, growing entitlements, burdensome taxes and regulations that stifle jobs and innovation – folks like Rivera would rather strip law abiding citizenry of their American rights.

That didn’t sit well with a lot of folks (Warning for language):

Rivera and his ilk could use a lesson from Detroit Police Chief James Craig who recently explained the obvious… an unarmed citizenry is EXACTLY what terrorists and criminals want.


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