The story behind THIS adorable photo made it go viral

Photo: Facebook/Donnie’s Daddy Daycare

Waiting in long lines to meet Santa at the mall can be an exhausting experience, but as one Indiana family found, it can also lead to a social media hit.

A photo of a sleeping six-month-old with Santa Claus has gone viral, earning national media attention, and thrusting both the baby and the jolly man into the spotlight.

While in line to meet Santa at an Evansville mall, little Zeke Walters fell asleep. Santa told the baby’s parents not to wake him, and proceeded to pose for the now famous photo.

“We were in line, debating on whether or not we should stay or walk around the mall and come back after he was awake,” said father Donnie, appearing with his son and Santa on “Fox & Friends.”

“Santa came over and said ‘I see he’s asleep, let’s keep him asleep, I’ve got some wonderful ideas.'”

Walters shared the photo of the sleeping Santa and baby on his Facebook page, hoping to reach a few friends and family with the moment. He said he had no idea that the page that started with only 260 followers, would end up getting national attention.

He continued to update the page with news stories and more photos of his son, taking full advantage of his famed connection with the big guy from the North Pole.


I can’t believe how adorable our son’s pictures with Santa came out. After falling asleep in line waiting, Santa asked…

Posted by Donnie’s Daddy Daycare on Thursday, November 26, 2015


Watch the video from Fox, below.



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