Team Hillary screws up Rosa Parks tribute: Confused?

Tuesday was the 60th anniversary of 42-year-old seamstress Rosa Parks refusing to move to the back of a bus to allow a white man to have her seat.

Democratic presidential candidates, whose fortunes live and die with the black vote, were quick to mark the occasion. But did front-runner Hillary Clinton blow it in her effort?

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Not taking any chances of falling short of the expectations of today’s unforgiving social justice warriors, Clinton posted several tweets commemorating the day AND changed her Twitter profile picture — but did the campaign commit a major faux pas?

Perception is reality, and as Twitter user Doug Henwood astutely noted, Parks appears as if she had been relegated to the back seat on Team Hillary’s bus.

And Henwood was not the only one to take notice:

Based on the reaction, social media users expected Hillary to screw it up. Then again, as one user said: “What difference at this point does it make!?”

Tom Tillison


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