Megyn Kelly has a big problem with Obama’s Rahm Emanuel Chicago cover-up


“A political cover-up at the highest level” caused sparks to fly on “The Kelly File Tuesday.

In a heated debate, Fox News’ Megyn Kelly clashed with a guest over her suggestion that there is a double standard in the Obama administration’s reactions to recent police shootings.

Kelly proposed that Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s friendship with President Obama is creating a difference in the treatment of shootings by police in Baltimore and Ferguson, as compared to Chicago where protests broke out for days after video footage was released showing a white police officer shooting a black teenager 16 times.

“The question is whether there’s a double standard when it involves a friend of the president,” Kelly said, pointing to the swift reactions following the previous cases compared with the administration’s apparent lack of involvement in the Chicago incident.

“In Chicago, it took six months for them to announce any DOJ involvement. Six months!” said Kelly. “And we haven’t heard the president making a deal out of this, or [Attorney General] Loretta Lynch.”

Radio host and guest Richard Fowler disagreed with Kelly, saying “you can’t compare apples and oranges here,” though he admitted there were problems with city hall in Chicago.

“This isn’t about problems at city hall,” Kelly said. “This is about problems at the White House, and disparate treatment whether [Obama’s] friend is running the city at issue.”

The former Obama Chief of Staff is facing claims of a cover up amid growing calls for his resignation.

Kevin Jackson, executive director of agreed with Kelly.

Jackson believed Obama’s delay in making any statements about the Chicago shooting makes him “complicit.”

“This is a political cover up at the highest level,” he said.

Watch the fiery debate, below.

Frieda Powers


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