Kid issues a mom ticket for spending too much time on phone – wait ’til you see the fine

Parents know the frustration of trying to communicate with children who are only focused on their phones or electronic gadgets.

Imagine the frustration from the viewpoint of a child, as the roles were reversed, in a message one boy gave his mother.


Apparently frustrated with the lack of attention he was getting from her, the boy issued his mother a “ticket” and fined her $112,938,784,657,394,871,217.

“Hope you enjoy paying the fine!” the boy added to the bottom of the ticket.

The boy’s father posted a photo of the stern note to Reddit and Imgur, where it was seen over 650,000 times, according to the Daily Mail. The photo was eventually taken down, perhaps in response to negative comments that were made about the mother’s alleged neglect of the child.

Many saw the humor in the note, however, and chose not to judge the actions of a mother – perhaps working or dealing with family issues – and that of a young child who needed to vent.


Frieda Powers


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