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Hillary attacks Ted Cruz with ‘a totally indefensible straight up lie’

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While Republican presidential contenders join with much of the world in focusing on the greatest risk to stability today — Islamic State militants, not climate change — Hillary Clinton insisted Ted Cruz wants to ban contraceptives.

Even though it’s not *exactly* true.

Pulling a page out of the Barack Obama’s campaign playbook, this time without the assistance of ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, Clinton is wanting to shift the conversation away from a foreign policy disaster she helped create by trying to push social issues to the fore.

Internal polling must show that Clinton matches up well by hitting Cruz on this nonissue. Either way, Democrats only seem to be comfortable when they control the narrative.

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But social media was not so easily convinced. In fact, Clinton’s reasoning behind the claim exaggerated the truth to such a degree, that folks called it for what it is — “a totally indefensible straight up lie,” according to many tweets.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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