Two men steal disabled man’s phone, post themselves beating him on VICTIM’S Facebook page

Two Michigan thugs have been arrested after they viciously beat a disabled man, stole his cell phone and posted video of the assault to the victim’s […]

Cop puts donkey in back seat of police car – there’s a Dem joke here somewhere

No, there was not a Democrat campaign event going on nearby. But that really was a donkey in the back of an Oklahoma police patrol car.   […]

The story behind THIS adorable photo made it go viral

Waiting in long s to meet Santa at the mall can be an exhausting experience, but as one Indiana family found, it can also lead to a […]

‘Duck Dynasty’ star Sadie Robertson offers story behind new tattoo, and how daddy reacted

Sadie Robertson, a starring member of the “Duck Dynasty” clan, unveiled a new tattoo to the world last week via Instagram. The fresh ink,which was “daddy approved,” […]

Kid issues a mom ticket for spending too much time on phone – wait ’til you see the fine

Parents know the frustration of trying to communicate with children who are only focused on their phones or electronic gadgets. Imagine the frustration from the viewpoint of […]

Katie Pavlich rejects false racism: ‘Confronting my white privilege is going to the tanning salon’

Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich turned the argument about white privilege on college campuses around and pointed the finger of racism at the accusers. During an appearance […]

Developing: Mass shooting in California, early reports 14 dead, possible explosives, 2 gunmen

There are unconfirmed reports of 12 dead in ongoing active shooter situation in San Bernardino, California. According to Fox News an explosive device may have been found […]

Hillary Ted Cruz
Hillary attacks Ted Cruz with ‘a totally indefensible straight up lie’

While Republican presidential contenders join with much of the world in focusing on the greatest risk to stability today — Islamic State militants, not climate change — […]

BizPac Review
You can thank Obama for jacking up your pizza cost, Brooklyn restaurant tells customers

While President Obama never promised if you like the price of your pizza, you can keep the price of your pizza, the owner of a Brolyn pizza […]

Pastor repents for YOUR racism; confesses ‘on behalf of my white brethren and sisters’

White heathens who’ve set upon America like locusts can breathe a little easier today after a white Chicago pastor repented on their behalf. River City Community Church […]

Video vault: Evidence FOUND of 9/11 celebrations in Jersey City

Donald Trump and yours truly, among others,have been branded liars by left wing talking heads that claimMuslims didn’t celebrate in New Jersey after the attacks of 9/11. […]

Team Hillary screws up Rosa Parks tribute: Confused?

Tuesday was the 60th anniversary of 42-year-old seamstressRosa Parksrefusing to move to the back of a bus to allow a white man to have her seat. Democratic […]