YouTube star goes WAY over line with SICK live-prank depicting bone chilling execution of best ‘friend’

A YouTube personality is being eviscerated on social media for taking things way over the edge by committing what he calls a “prank.” The video depicts a teenager watching what he believes is the murder of his best friend.

YouTuber Sam Pepper’s horrific creation shows Sam Golbach, 19, emotionally breaking down as he watches his friend, Colby Brock, being shot in the head after their vehicle was “hijacked” in Los Angeles.

He subsequently posted the video on Twitter, with the caption, “THIS ONE IS CRAZY!”

Cruel and twisted is more like it.

The clip begins with Golbach and Brock having apparent car trouble while on their way to a meeting with Pepper. When they get out to investigate, a hooded figure steps behind Golbach, throws a bag over his head, ties him up and puts him in the car’s trunk while he can be heard screaming.

The next scene shows all three men on a rooftop, with the hooded figure holding a gun to Brock’s neck as Golbach can be heard screaming, “we’re just kids” and “he means everything to me” just before the figure pulls the trigger.

Golbach doesn’t appear at all comforted when Brock reveals he’s still alive. “I thought you actually died,” he repeats.

Golbach and Brock examine engine of car while hooded figure creeps up behind them
Golbach is tied up before being thrown into trunk.
Golbach is understandably distraught after watching the “murder” of his friend.
After he comes bak to life, Brock tries to console Golbach.

If Pepper thought he was going to be congratulated for this sick “prank,” he was dead wrong. And Golbach’s so-called “best friend,” who was in on the gag, isn’t much better.

Apparently this isn’t the first time Pepper went too far, as these tweets indicate.

Golbach demonstrated true loyalty to what he thought was his buddy. It’s time for him to find a new friend.

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