‘I saw love in that room’; Trump describes ‘amazing’ meeting with black pastors

Image: Bizpac Review/Steve Berman

Billionaire Donald Trump was floating on a sea of love after an extended meeting with African-American pastors and religious leaders, telling reporters “I saw love in that room.”

Trump said there were nearly 100 people in the room at his Trump Tower in Manhattan, CNN reported Monday, and that he expected “many, many endorsements.”

Asked on camera how the meeting went, Trump said “This meeting was amazing. Amazing people,” adding, “The meeting went so much longer, and it went longer only because of the love.”

Darrell Scott, senior pastor of New Spirit Revival Center in Cleveland, Ohio, said he would issue a formal endorsement soon.

“We made history today,” Scott said.  “We had meaningful dialogue with Mr. Donald Trump. We voiced concerns that are sensitive to the African-American community and we asked questions and the questions were answered where we were all satisfied with the answers.”

After the meeting, the top-polling GOP candidate boarded his private jet and headed to Macon, Georgia for an evening rally.  Still giddy from the warmth of the earlier meeting, Trump told the crowd of about five thousand supporters that he saw the love in the arena.  The crowd responded with thunderous cheers.

In Macon, Trump was joined at the podium by Pastor Bruce LeVell, who also attended the New York City meeting.  LeVell assured supporters that Trump was not a racist and that he cares about issues affecting African-Americans.

Watch the CNN video below.

Steve Berman


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