Colorado Police SLAM ‘race baiting morons’; Planned Parenthood shooter’s live-capture NOT a racial issue

Colorado police have fired back against race baiters who have tried to turn Friday’s Planned Parenthood shooting into a racial issue.

Following the shooting that killed three, including a police officer, Black Lives Matter activist DeRay McKesson and Michael Moore insinuated that the reason Robert Dear was arrested alive is because he is white.

The Colorado Fraternal Order of Police issued a statement Saturday slamming the accusations and the “delusional, ignorant fools” making them.

“We here in Colorado do know the circumstances at the conclusion of the incident in Colorado Springs,” it wrote. “In yesterday’s heroic police action, the shooter was given the opportunity to surrender. The choice to live or die was his. He chose to live, laid down his weapon, complied with all commands and peaceful surrendered.”

“What the race baiting morons who believe that [Dear] was spared because he was white fail to acknowledge is that just this year alone there have been numerous shootings of police officers where the suspects were taken into custody. Many of those suspects were persons of color. They were not executed. They were taken into custody,” the statement read.

“The delusional fools that would have the world believe otherwise promote their hatefilled agenda on the foundation of a national lie rooted in the Michael Brown incident. ‘Hands up don’t shoot’ is their mantra and a false narrative surrounding the events in Ferguson.”

Read the entire statement below.

Colorado Police

Carmine Sabia


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