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‘Callous’ doesn’t BEGIN to describe Hillary’s response in email about 6 dead soldiers

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Don’t bother me with reports of soldiers being killed — I need a new ottoman!

One Hillary Clinton email in the latest batch released by the State Department illustrates how disengaged from reality the former Secretary of State was, and one would assume, still is.

In December, 2011, she received an email from her longtime aide Huma Abedin under the subject line “6 soldiers among dead.”

Her response? She asked Abedin if Dalton Brody, a high-end Washington, D.C. gift store, is on Connecticut or Wisconsin.

According to its website:

Dalton Brody, Washington’s premier gift and accessories retailer, has been helping Washingtonians in the know select the perfect gift for every occasion since 1987. Carrying a wide array of unique and beautiful crystal, pottery, leather goods, women’s and men’s accessories, photo frames, albums, jewelry, baby items, home accessories and bath products, our customers have come to depend on our personal and attentive service.


The Daily Beast’s Tim Mak caught this and tweeted:

Actually it’s neither — it’s on Idaho, but that’s beside the point. Abedin cautioned another Clinton aide in 2013 that the former secretary of state was “often confused,” but this goes way beyond confusion. While the Middle East is disintegrating, her mind is on the latest and greatest in home accessories. And those responding to Mak on social media agreed.

Is an “often confused” shopaholic and an aging socialist the best the Democratic Party can come up with?

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