Texas collides with cities, agencies on Syrian refugees

While Texas cities roll out the welcome mat for Syrian refugees, the state threatens to withhold funding from charities that facilitate …

Former Cambridge prof bullies Israeli girl online for innocent question about horses!

Sometimes the biggest bullies in the world are those you’d least expect — like a female former professor at the world renowned University of Cambridge. Shachar Rabinovitz, […]

bad prank featured
YouTube star goes WAY over line with SICK live-prank depicting bone chilling execution of best ‘friend’

A YouTube personality is being eviscerated on social media for taking things way over the edge by committing what he calls a “prank.” The video depicts a […]

Black activist ARRESTED; ducks out of protest to FALSIFY threats against black individuals

A New Jersey black activist was arrested aftertemporarily leaving a rally to post false threats on against black people. Kayla-Simone McKelvey, 24 was charged with one count […]

Detroit police chief warns; unarmed citizenry EXACTLY what terrorists want

Because Detroiters are taking his advice by arming themselves, the city’s police chief knows that an attack like the one Paris saw on November 13 could never […]

If Hillary thought it was safe using little girls in ad that promotes gender warfare, she thought WRONG

Hillary Clinton’slatest web ad was probably meant to tug on heart strings but may end up backfiring on the presidential candidate. Titled “44 boys is too many!” […]

Chicago’s Rahm Emanuel borrows page from Obama, throws top cop under bus

Former Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel has taken a page right out of President Obama’s handbo of throwing others under the bus to protect yourself. Facing […]

Veteran won’t bow to political correctness after being ordered to remove ‘Christmas’ from kids’ tree lighting event

A New Hampshire veteran believes school officials are taking political correctness too far. Commander of the American Legion in Marlborough, John Fletcher said he was asked by […]

Texas hangs SERIOUS legal action over private organizations willing to accept Syrian refugees

Texas officials are taking their opposition to accepting Syrian refugees to another level. After telling President Barack Obama that they won’t accept them migrating to their state, […]

Conservative hero Margaret Thatcher named world’s most influential woman!

Margaret Thatcher has been voted the most influential woman of the last 200 years in a recent opinion poll…

Trump wants $5 million from CNN for THIS charity, or may be no-show for next Republican debate

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump said Monday night that he may not attend the next debate — scheduled for December 15 — unless the host network CNN […]

MSNBC host can’t even defend what Obama just said in PARIS about America

President Obama just made one of the dumbest in the history of his presidency, and that’s saying something. Tuesday while standing on a stage in Paris, […]

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